Thursday, February 27, 2014

Its not a curse!

The Constitution of India has categorized two types of Minorities. They are religious and linguistic minorities. The conflict between minorities and majorities is not the recent issue.  From the time of partition, there is a gap between Hindus and Muslims. Even though Hindus are 80% of total population of India, country do not have Hinduism as national religion. The sole word "Secularism" says India has no religion as its national religion. So, all are equal from the perspective of Constitution. 
But, the reality is far away from assumptions. There is a space for news on communal violence everyday. The places like Jammu, Mazafir Nagar, Ahmadabad are labelled with communal violence. Religion minorities are privileged with various reservation under weaker section. But the question is how secure they are in India?Every political party has direct or partial link with a religion. So, other religions will be the target of exploitation. As the result, the mosques, churches are attacked overnight and devotees a re killed brutally. Even in Mangalore, there were attacks on Churches in recent years. The conspiracy of political parties have created complete darkness in many houses. Innocent youth are the weapons for communal violence.
The parctice of religion without harming others is the fundamental right of every Indian citizen. Always this right is under risk. 
To represent the minority communities there are only few political leaders. The culture of minorities are condemned and discouraged. There is no good program to encourage minorities. Treating Indian minorities as "anti socials" is the insult to democracy.
When an Indian is harassed in Australia, we say its against humanity. But why we are blind to identify the injustice taking place in our own country to minorities? 

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