Thursday, February 27, 2014

A silent cry and MSEZ

Pure air to breath, pure water to drink and pure soil to cultivate an asset of every farmer in South Canara district till the arrival of MSEZ. Mangalore Special Economic Zone arrived in  a tsunami in the lives of farmers. The journey from Mangalore city to rural, could depict the picture of typical Tulunadu, a green heaven! But now the lengthy chimneys have taken away the beauty. Everywhere there are firms which look like the devils of development.
Plants are replaced by plants. But the lives of farmers? A farmer called Gregory Patrao, had a beautiful life before the arrival of MSEZ. They offered him crores to hand over his acres of farming land. The rejection by the farmer shown the glimpses of British rule. Yes! His arc nut  farm was destroyed in few seconds. The hundred years old house fell down with the clutches of exploitation. The Human rights Commission and also various non governmental organizations came to give me oral support. Nothing stayed for long!
There was no option for the farmer. His past to death movement gave a platform to politicians to expose the artificial public concern. Today Gregory has lost his land, occupation, old house and peaceful life! This is the story of every farmer  in the villages of Mangalore rural. Completely unheard!
 People breathe chemical contaminated air from years. The harmful chemicals are even in soil making it   infertile. The MSEZ has grabbed not only the right to life but also the access to health, pure water, air and soil. Thousands of trees are cut down to create the dessert for industries. Eyes are not able to believe the changes. Nagabanas, the holy forests for localities (Known as the habitant of Nagas- Snake Gods) are cut down killing the right to worship. To bring the profit how many have to sacrifice? Government has given red carpet welcome to enterprisers. But the struggle of farmers is underneath the foundation of plants which is suppressed completely!


  1. In essence its the farmers whom produce the food for our tables to bare at meal-time, though this isn't possible if Mother Earth prevents us from borrowing Her space. This self perpetual unwritten rule has sustained under centuries of turmoil. Is this the end to yet another already unappreciated cycle-of-life.

  2. Yes!!! Dear Leif. The farmer community is totally helpless when Government say support the capitalist. Do you have similar problems in your place?
    Its not only in Mangalore, many places of India have same situation and there is no end for the struggle of farmers.

  3. Good one madam