Friday, March 7, 2014

A day for women!

Today its International day for women. Every day of the year is dedicated to a celebration. March 8 for women. People remember her exist as women at least today. These words might be expressed due to the frustration or the pain of gender inequality from centuries.
For name sake, the Government has given the political status for women. In our own state Karnataka, how many female MLAs are there?  It has been a century for gender inequality. Political parties manifest  artificial respect to womanhood. They either oppose or remain silent for 33% reservation for women in parliament.No Indian’s day ends without hearing a case on women harassment. Few days of protest and the silence. Its shame to find, India in the list of ten most unsafe countries for women. Before few months, foreign lady was also raped in Delhi. Referring to Indian culture and comparing it with 21st  century is the poor attitude of fundamentalists.
As we look behind the path of women empowerment, few facts are appreciable.  Few women have added golden feather to the women community. Ms Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Ms Mamtha Banerji, well known as Didi(sister) of West Bengal, Badminton queen Ms Saina Nehwal, Olympian medallist Ms Mary Kom are the true icons of women community. Women can make difference in every field including the toughest like technology, politics and journalism. So, the revolution is already been started. Now it’s the time for analysing the success and failure.
 The gender ratio is in progressive rate especially in the states of North India. The National Commission for women is contributing high. Community toilet project for women has reached the interior villages of rural India. Education and employment schemes need little more attention from the Government. The most lacking factor is awareness and action. Every day of her life should be dedicated to her empowerment. The freedom   of women should not be restricted by the boundaries of religion, custom etc. A very happy women’s day to women community and also those who are stand for her.


  1. Happy women's day. Yes!!! Indian women are progressive. But do not you think men are behind them, making decision? Still they are not independent. The stereotypes are taking away the freedom of women. I liked few ideas and the critical comment on religion. Thank u :)

    1. Thank you dear Ashwathy, wish you the same. Yes in few places husbands, brothers take the power in women's name. Its a sad fact.

  2. oh good post, the present status of woman , is exposed in yhis post. good narration . happy woman's day

  3. Thank u Dear Sir. Wish u the same.