Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We for a cause

Many speak, but only few bring their words into action. Yes! When it is the matter of human rights one will take hours  to roar. But how many of us have done anything for the protection of human rights?
Hey, its not too late. The true desire of contributing to human rights has number of ways. There are many in this world who are already walking in your path through organizations. Its Amnesty International, which has raised its voice for refugees, war victims, destitute and every victim of exploitation. It has more than 3 million supporters from 150 countries who campaign to protect human rights. It has an excellent blog where you can view news from all over the world about human rights.
Human Rights Watch is another organization, the attempts of which has been coloured the lives of many in developing countries. Its works for humanity in Syria, Middle East and Africa holds the mirror for its commitment and sacrifice.
People’s Union for Civil Liberty, from India is the dream of great leader Jaya Prakash Narayan. An organization for citizens where any common can speak out any harassment taking place on him.
The organizations like Save the children, Freedom House, American Civil Liberties Union, Oxfam, Green peace should not  be left out from this list. Anyone who want to take active part in human rights movement can join any of this organization. You will be benefitted by the self satisfaction of doing your best for your fellow beings. Its very simple, log into their websites and fill up your application form. You can view their blog and also can contribute your articles. They need you to make their organization more strong. So, contribute few minutes of your week for humanity. Tomorrow is too late!