Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rights from the moment of birth

When we were born? The moment your mother hear your first cry is the birth. The birth of you and your  existence. But biologically you’re born nine months before your “birth”. In China, people count the day of conception as birthday. In India too there are many instances about foetus and its growth as human being. For example, Abhimanyu in the womb of Subhadra, hundred Kouravas inside the womb as single foetus,etc. The Sanskrit word Bhrun is synonymous to foetus. Yes, we agree with mythology but never give up our argument.
Foetus is been treated as lifeless object, which can be killed and thrown away for any reason. In India Medical Termination of Pregnancy can be possible either to save mother from death. The pregnancy due to rape also can be aborted under MTA (Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act). But, thousands of illegal abortion cases go unnoticed under the shadow.
Why do we do not value a life? Every religion is against foeticide. In Indian belief, foeticide is one among five sins which will be punished by God. The illegal sex which leads to pregnancy ends in abortion. How a innocent life can be punished for the crime committed by some one? To save the marriage, family prestige, family harmony people sacrifice some one without their permission. Its we who give birth and who kill.

Its said that womb is the safest place in the world. Still you believe so? The moment a foetus is conceived it receives every right as human being. The right to live is the fundamental right guaranteed to every individual including those who are waiting to come out and witness the beauty of this world.


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