Monday, March 10, 2014

Section 377!

In India, marriage is a social institution for men and women. Every aspect of social life is linked with religion, custom and culture. Its the commitment between man and woman to walk together till the end. Now, its the time to redefine marriage!
The concept of homosexuality is not alien to India. In ancient Hindu scripts, one can find the punishment imposed on those who were engaged in Ayoni (non vaginal sex) with a man or woman.
Manusmruthi says those who involved in homosexuality or any unethical sexual activities should be pulled by the cart. In Ramayan, Hanuman had witnessed the sex between two devil women in Sri Lanka and his mind depicted it as the end of the Thretha Yug(The period believed to be the era of Lord Rama). So, the homosexuality is viewed as unnatural in Hinduism. Though, the transgender characters are well known in Mahabharath like Brihannala(Arjun), Shikhandi there is no evidence of marriage between homosexuals. Christianity says God created Adam(man) and Eve(woman) to reproduce through sexual activity. In western world, there are two groups which support religion and homosexuality. So, its not appropriate to label all Christian countries as supporters of homosexuality. Islam does not hold up  homosexuality.
In India, the protest for the rights of LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender) is in progressive manner.  But there is no open voice for gay rights. The recent judgement on homosexuals’  marriage in India. Section 377 will be imposed on those who break this law. The judgement received lots of criticism from writers, transgender community, students and social activists. Whether we follow homosexuality or not is not the matter of discussion here. Declaring gay marriage as an offence will indirectly abolish the right to choose the partner and family life. 


  1. The footsteps are still visible... Never end up with ambiguous words. Its freaky to say that gay system should be supported rather its not abandon of right to choose the partner and family. we should respect ethics and value as well. while human beings are social animal it never mean that he can live as his wish, instead he should be a valuable and obey the nature law. even God has created everything and made all animals birds plants spices etc are should live according natures law. though human beings are eager to get sexually committed with animals or Sodomy way its against humanity, even against to environmental law.

    1. Thank u dear Jashveer. Is there any particular law in Islam condemning or supporting the gay rights?

  2. Very insightful and thought provoking :)