Monday, April 28, 2014

A shame to humanity-Pankti Bhojana

Its atypical to pay heed to the conviction of God making distinction between individuals on the foundation of color. Since childhood the idea of the making of four Varnas (color) and privileges of occupation as stated by the conception is infused into mind. Purported the blessed principles of religion which are very "Sacred" and not flawed by anybody have chosen the destiny of many . One can adulate the Lord Krishna "Shyamala Varna Sundara" (The dark wonderful man) however can't acknowledge his kindred creatures of his shade. Just may have perceived a story of lower caste servant breast feeding Lord Krishna and Lord calling her mother. The battle of Dalits to increase square with economic wellbeing has been brought about the reservation in every field. Nobody challenges to assault on this since it is secured by the law. In any case on the groundwork of religion, Dalits are bothered in every venture of social life. Pankti Bhojana is the best case for this which is been polished in the temples of South Canara. The area of astute subjects! Treating veggie lovers and non vegans with equivalent admiration is still not acknowledged. Around the upper castes of India, there is a solid taboo on "Non veg". Its miserable to observe the proclamations of few noticeable religion pioneers about giving Deeksha to lower standing on the off chance that they leave non vegetarianism. What one consumes is more vital than his presence. A huge swarm sitting on the other corner of temple waiting for the lunch and a small crowd of Brahmins enjoying food, a normal picture of each temple in South Canara at twelve. The co operations and associations for the welfare of Dalits challenge against any discrimination in academic and employment sectors, but no exertion has occurred to stop the partitioned feasting. You won't discover separate philanthropy box for Dalits and upper castes in any temple! The educated youth feel inferior when they face such separation. Requirement of solid law will annihilate such heartless practices. More than the law its humankind and qualities which can bring correspondence without any outer impact.

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