Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Prostitution- Commercial or inhumane?

This topic of the discussion is not bearable by the fundamentalist due to the very word “Prostitution”. Prostitution is already been legalized in few countries of west. But India has not taken this move. In my personal opinion, prostitution is the violation of human rights. I can justify this with my view points. Of course, readers can criticise this! Blaming western world for alcoholism and prostitution is the narrow attitude of many Indians. In the period of Mughals, Gupthas and Maurya empire, there were individual houses which were the residents of beautiful prostitutes. The social practice of sending girls to temple as “Devdasis” had bee ended up in prostitution. Why prostitution should not be encouraged? • Objecting a female and treating her as a commodity is against one’s self respect • The unwanted pregnancy and births are increasing • Children are born as destitute without committing any sin • The sexually transmitted diseases are at high rate • Effecting the physical and mental health of women To take any clear legal take on prostitution is stiff job for Supreme Court of India. Because the prostitute unions claim for their occupational rights. The red light areas have been the features in all most every national media. Those women do not find a life outside the world of prostitution. The rigid mentality of Indians and the lack of efforts by the Government moulded their attitude. In US child prostitution is abolished but adult prostitution is legalised! Yes! They say its their occupation. So called commercial sex work! But the ill effects on their lives are unknown. The look like innocent victims who do not know the crocked world. Each prostitution has a story to tell. The hard core life has made them to remain in the dark world, which they find better than outside reality. Their urge to legalise prostitution is the result of this than any other profit they are gaining from the profession.

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  1. I have to ask you one thing. If they do not have opposition then why we shoud be bothered. Making them to leave their oppoosition is an attack on personal liberty. Anyways good write up!