Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Youth- the most vulnerable group

In the opinion of outsiders, Mangalore is the place of culture and economic activities. The people of Costal Karnataka always recognized as “well behaved”. The impact of culture and education on local minds has been crediting them. But few incidents take away the long time fame in few days. The various attacks on youth in last few years have made national media to picture Mangalore as the most unsafe city for youth. A Mangalorean defiantly feel embarrassed when an attack on youth of his native is the topic of prime time discussion in national media.
The pub attack by Sri Ram Sena in 2006 had warned the youth to cut down their freedom of celebration. Beating youth with chairs, buckets and pulling girls’ hair are the punishment for enjoying the freedom. Mr Naveen, a close friend of one of the victims says, “The attack was pre planned. No youth feel free to share how they feel about such attacks. Because they do not want to put their life under threats.” Recent attack on Morning Mist homestay proved the power of anti social organizations in Mangalore.
To prove their strength innocent guys and girls are harassed. Chasing girls and slapping them in the name of “culture” was not criticised by fundamentalists. Those who must protect youth were too late. In our city no girl or boy dares to sit with a guy of other religion in public places. They can expect an attack by anti social organizations at any time. Enjoying the freedom which is granted by the law making forces is punished. The local youth are totally confused in choosing what is right and wrong.


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