Monday, April 28, 2014

Cant forget her!

Soujanya murder case needs no introduction. The maximum publicity gained case in 2013-14 . No doubt! This is the first rape and murder case making the localities to worry about the security of their ladies. If any outsider who is unaware of this case or with half information this article can help him. Soujanya, a innocent girl from a lower middle class family of Belthangadi. A pu girl having colourful dreams of teenage never predicted that her life will end up with a disaster. October 9, 2012 turned a deadly day to her.
 I must say a black day for South Canara. A dead body of Soujanya was found in the forest near by her home. Though we heard many rape cases in the past year, localities were shocked to know a murder of a minor. Because its South Canara which is known as the district of literates, intellectuals and well mannered citizens. Within few days, a mentally ill person Mr Santhosh was accused and arrested for this murder. The names of prominent personalities were heard from the beginning of the case. But who dares to speak? The uncensored photos of the victim were making the people to agitate for justice.

The politicians, few news channels and newspapers stood to support the suspicious personalities than raising voice for Soujanya. To handover a case to the CBI, the time taken by the state Government was one year. There were many efforts to destroy the evidence. The Facebook page Justice For Kumari Soujanya has earned great support from the localities.  The present and past Government have similar stand on this case. In the beginning month, a special team of CBI has arrived to Belthangadi to investigate. Justice to Soujanya is the justice to every girl of this region. The support shown by the public to every protest in the name of Soujanya was stupendous. Its well said, “Working hands are better than praying lips”, Can we lend our hands to work for those women who are deprived of justice?

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