Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrate the festival of democracy

In India, people have thousand reasons to comment. No roads, no electricity, no schools, no employment, the list of  “No” is very long. Blaming the Government is a  kind of leisure activity for many. But what we are doing to change the system? A unenergetic answer is waiting for you, “Nothing”.
Its sad to hear this line from Indian youth, “Nothing can change India”.  When you have a right to select whom you believe that he is a right person to represent you, don’t you think your decision is enough to change India?
The first level of election is already over. Delhi has been registered 87% of polling, a record in the past 3 decades.  The southern states are waiting for election.  Compared to last three decades, the present generation is highly enthusiastic to vote. The influential candidates, the curiosity to vote for the first time are the two biggest reasons for this.
As far we accept the right to vote as duty than an option we are proud citizens. In and around Mangalore more than party banners one can find the public service advertisements on voting right. Its appreciable! The shops are having discount offers to those who vote in this Lok Sabha election. To cast a right one has to be pampered?
You have the right to elect your candidate without any external pressure. Your name must be enrolled in the voters list and you must possess a voter ID/ Passport/ Ration Card/ or a valid identity proof. In Karnataka, Government invited the application from new voters to add their names to voters’ list. Before May 16,all those who have enrolled will receive their voter Ids. So, be ready to cast your vote and be a part of democracy!

 Voting is the key right in democracy.  It was monarchy rule which had no freedom for citizens to express their opinions.

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