Monday, April 28, 2014

Changing The Minds

The hidden harassment always go unnoticed. The voluntary organizations and government(?) making thousand efforts to save women from rape, dowry harassment and trafficking. But the objectification of women in advertisements and films have no boundary. In a traditional city like Mangalore, the posters with over exposure are hanging in every corner of the city making the people “used” with the vulgarity. Few traditional attitudes under evaluating women are deep rooted in local minds. Recently while reading a local daily, a case of missing girl grabbed the attention. In the end it was written that, girl’s phone has many male contacts. So what is the connection with the conduct of girl and contact list? “Being a female doing this.......” is the common sentence all of us hear at home. When a girl kills a boy its a unusual, but boy raping girl is common. So, a guy can do certain things and can be accepted by the society because of his gender. Every moment a girl faces discrimination. First preference to men has been strongly pasted in the mind. In recent days, I can find few positive changes in English language like Man has become human, mankind as humankind, fisher man to fisher etc... Small changes but great satisfaction when you are addressed as Human than man. Sometimes its women who ignore their rights. For example, we do not ask the conductor for ladies seat, not making the use of separate line etc... When certain privileges are granted please use them though you do not want. Because not making use may abolish the reservation. A small concern to prevent the danger.


  1. I'm being frank here, sorry if my comment sounds sacrilegious,The way our top-most heroines Sita Devi or Draupadi are portrayed in the Gigantic epics; Docile, traumatized, terrorised, doubted, sold, bought, then the Agni Pariksha... Ours is a society that loves Highly Emotional Drama which invloves docile women, may it be in real life or on screen... As a result, Strong, Independent women are always looked down upon as women of loose character or whatsoever.

    We have NGOs to help raped women, but what do we do to prevent rape? we cannot rely on the authorities entirely, India is over populated, we need to take care of ourselves, I sometimes feel like starting an NGO, whose members are trained in self defence, who go to schools and train women in self defence,who are given the authority to thrash and bash goons, hoodlums or even eve teasers...

  2. Thank u Deepa Mam for sharing your views.