Friday, April 18, 2014

Respecting them!

A murder of aged citizen in Udupi is an alarm to the security of aged people in Costal Karnataka. The welfare and protection of aged people has been a most neglected area from decades. The murder of Mr Sridhar Shetty resident of Marathakadi Hegra. His neighbour was privileged to carry sand in trucks through the property belonging to Sridhar Shetty. But recently Mr Shetty demanded money from the neighbour as a rent.
Since Mr Shetty is an old person, his demand was ignored. The fights took place between the neighbours brought an end to the life of Mr Shridhar. The culprits are escaped from the place. Police may arrest them, but will they bring an end to the attacks on aged citizens?
A single old lady, who was residing in Karangalpady was found died in her bed room under mysterious circumstances. She was suspected to be murdered before 2-3 years for money. Sending single aged people to old age homes is against their rights. The state and Police have the immense responsibility to protect them from any external attacks. In another case, a old man was kept like a prisoner in his own house by his son. The reason was very silly. Since he is old he can not reach the bath room by his own!

If a person is not able to work, will he loose his right to safe life?  Its not only family obliged to take care of them, the society should make its every effort to safe guard the rights of aged citizens.

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