Tuesday, April 15, 2014

They have every reason to protest – Niddodi power plant project

Niddodi power plant project is another most controversial project by the Karnataka Government. Mr Jagadish Shetter, then CM of Karnataka had proposed this project as the remedy to tackle the shortage of power supply in the state. He was clearly pointed that 70 acres of barren land will be taken for the project. For Karnataka Government the fertile land of costal districts are always barren lands! Sad but reality! Now, 2,700 acres of land are taken away for the project which is cultivating land at present.
The villagers are dead against the project.  Numerous protests opposing the project have never reached the deaf ears of our representatives. The proposed Niddodi power plant project will be four times bigger than the UPCL power plant. Niddodi is just one and half kilometre away from Mangalore port. So, the transportation cost will be very less. A coal plant need atleast 5 tmc of water annually. At present the local rivers are unable to fulfil the needs of localities, in this situation a burden of coal plant. This plant cause highest pollution due to industrial waste. The solid waste released from this plant will be contaminated with the pure water harming the cultivating land, cattle and human beings.

Already a power plant project is existing in western Ghats making the lives of localities troublesome. Now one more project going to be a companion for it. High voltage lines passing through western Ghats may cause adverse effect on wild life. The nature, human community, wild life and Ghats, eco system are the victims of this project. Its unnecessary to mention here who are the beneficiaries?


  1. Being a person from South Canara I strongly oppose this project.But compared to Netravathi diversion no protest at state level has taken place

  2. If every district say No to the power project what Government can do?

  3. Must read