Friday, April 25, 2014

When honor is more than life!

Honour killing a inhume action against womanhood. For Indians its not strange. Since a decade number of cases came into limelight though thousand went unnoticed. The traditional hold  of caste system have been a curse to the women empowerment. The recent high profile honour killing case of Arushi Talwar removed the taboo that illiteracy is the reason for the existence of honour killing. According to the statistics of United Nations one in five cases of honour killing is from India.But South India, especially the Karnataka was comparatively better in enacting various measures for the safety of women. Today’s case of honour killing from Mandya has reminded the country about the evil. Ms Shilpa, the victimrepresents all those girls who select their spouse from other caste or religion.
Shilpa and Abhishek were loving each other from 4 years. The caste was the obstacle to their marriage. Not willing to forget the love for caste, couple tied the knot in a temple. In spite of opposition from the parents, couple started their married life in a rented house. But the blood relatives of Abhishek took Shilpa to a local fest with his permission. But they tied her to the tree and burnt her body. Shilpa breathed her last at the hospital yesterday.
Neither relatives nor Abhishek visited her. Police has arrested the Abhijit’s mother. NGOs urging the Police to take strict action on the culprits.  Can anyone predict the end of honour killing. Every individual is privileged with the right to select his or her spouse and marry.  Why such rights are granted when Government is making no efforts to the strict enforcement of law?

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