Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Threat to democracy - Attacks on journalists

Its bit strange to speak about the violation of rights of journalists. Because journalists have been the voice for others. So it sounds like someone stealing from the house of Police. The roots of Kannada journalism are in Mangalore. From the beginning, the journalists of Mangalore are vibrant and pro active. Since the costal Karnataka is the place of highest development activities and also the most effected place of communalism. So, to those journalists who want to make a name have handful of opportunities here.
But if you report on any issue which is against the ideology of any anti social group or organization, your pen will be seized. Mr Naveen Soorinje, the journalist who covered the home stay attack was behind the bars for 4 months.  When an attack is going on, being a journalist what he is expected to do than covering it?
A reporter of most prominent news channel of Karnataka was defamed in social media as the hidden agent of a particular party. Journalists have filed a complaint against such allegation. 
The article 19 guarantees the freedom of speech and expression. Violating the freedom of press is taking the voice of journalists. It will send the nation to the rule of anarchy where public opinion has no place. During the time of emergency also Mangalore newspapers had written against the decision of Ms Indira Gandhi. Unknown attacks on journalists are going unnoticed. The journalists life under risk but Police has no concern over them. 

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