Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Its been my desire from long time to meet a transgender group. We hear and read about transgender, but getting a chance to meet them is very rare. Since Mangalore is developing two tire city, the number of migrants also increasing. We can consider these transgender groups also a category of migrants. Being a woman inside and having the physical feature of man a life which is beyond our imagination! During the period of Ramayan and Mahabharath, vedic period too there were heroic transgender characters like Brahannale(Arjun), Shikhandi etc... But the people of our locality still look at transgender with a strange thought. Calling them Chakkas, Shikhandi are the common words of fun.
 Ms Jyothi whois residing in our city from past 3 years could answer my few questions without saying a single “NO”. Here are the few questions asked to Ms Jyothi and her straight to the point answers,

Are you completely dependent on begging? Why?
Madam, Can you tell me what else we can do? No where we are expected. This humiliation and criticism have become common for us. We too laugh along with them. There is a belief that we are “Mangalamukhis” (Lucky faces). So people give us alms.
Have you ever visited any government office for help?
I have neither voter Id nor ration card. I do not want to go for that because am sure it will earn nothing but a chance for the officials to insult us publically. I don’t reside in my village. Not only me, no transgender will reside in their towns.
Have you ever physically harassed by Police or anyone?
No, in my case. But I have heard about transgenders who are in Mumbai are obliged to give share in the begged money to Police.
Are you enjoying any human right with no restriction?
I do not know any rights. If people treat us like humans, its enough for me. But I know it will never happen. To get any privilege its not enough being a human. You must belong to any gender!
One could recognise the pain in depressed statements of Ms Jyothi. Colorful nail polish, lipstick and dazzling saree were appearing as opposite to her life. The struggle of transgender which is never heard!

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