Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nothing is mandatory

A democratic country and fastest growing economy, India has been influenced by the capitalist thoughts of United States and England. The money over rules the human values at the work place. So, as the result employees are treated as machines than human beings. In India, there was no strict law enacted for the welfare of labourers. But now labour law has been implemented by the labour corporation and supported by International Labour Organization. According to the law, an employee has these minimum rights, • Paid time off work • The minimum you can get paid • Public holidays • Sick leave • Bereavement leave • Giving you the right to refuse to do work that would harm the labourer • Making sure that all labourers are safe at the work and not discriminated An Employer must follow the following rules which are mandatory • Pay the workers at least the minimum wage during the time of crisis • Providing annual leave • Compensate the worker if he is obliged to work on public holidays • Providing written employment agreement • Providing safe working place • Not deducting money from the wages without the worker’s consent • Providing medical leave Labour law has special concern towards pregnant and lactating mothers. 6 months holiday must be given to the pregnant workers who are under public service. The private companies should give 4 months delivery leave without any external pressure. The women who work in hard labour sector must be given sufficient leisure time to breast feed their babies. The insurance is compulsory to every worker. Those who work in construction sector also not excluded by this. The hiring company should tie up with insurance company for this facility. But how many companies do this with the true concern? Name sake efforts are taken for the welfare of labourers. Transporting workers in open vehicles like animals is against cyber law. But in Mangalore, still brokers take them in open trucks. They do not have time to rest, no education to children, and no payment during the days of illness. Labour law of India is the another failed act which is strong in words but week in implementation.


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