Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No border for humanity

Mangalore is the place of multi culture, multi religion and most significantly multy language. Tuluvas, Konkans, Byaris, Kanndaigas are sharing the common water and land with the spirit of brotherhood. Now, as Mangalore blooming to be a educational hub, the students from every corner of the world rushing towards our city. As the result, many Mangalorean house wives are now the successful business women with paying guest houses! The streets of Hampankatta and the beeches of Panambur and Tannir Bavi have been hot spots for non Mangalorean students. The students of Mangolean race from North East India, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Bhutan, Tibet crown Mangalore as the most beautiful place for students. Ms Romee Thongam from Manipur, who was a student of journalism at St Aloysius College says, “The days I spent in Mangalore are always evergreen. Though I have moved out from this city I keep visiting as if its my native land!” Comapred to the major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, Mangaloreans have been very helpful to these students. But treating them like aliens in few places is hurting them so badly that they start hating all localities. Ms Benuka, a mediacal student from Malaysia ays, “Calling me Chinky is the most hatred moment. We belong to a particular nation and cultural group. I do not mind not calling me a Malaysian , but never recognise me as Chinky.” “Chinky gals, Chinky group etc..” hurt their feelings of nationalism. No Mangaloreans intend to hurt them, but our ignorance to correct ourselves is causing pain to others. In few places, North East students struggle to prove themselves as nationalities of India. Mr Krupain, a nursing student says, “ I had been to a local tourist spot. They collected extra entry fee from me thinking that am an international visitor. Its sad to convince other Indian that you also a born citizen of his country.” Local organizations have shown immense support to the Free Tibet movement and protection of Assam students in Karnataka. Few demerits will bring a bad name to entire city. So, let us create a best image to our Mangalore!

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