Monday, April 28, 2014

Changing The Minds

The hidden harassment always go unnoticed. The voluntary organizations and government(?) making thousand efforts to save women from rape, dowry harassment and trafficking. But the objectification of women in advertisements and films have no boundary. In a traditional city like Mangalore, the posters with over exposure are hanging in every corner of the city making the people “used” with the vulgarity. Few traditional attitudes under evaluating women are deep rooted in local minds. Recently while reading a local daily, a case of missing girl grabbed the attention. In the end it was written that, girl’s phone has many male contacts. So what is the connection with the conduct of girl and contact list? “Being a female doing this.......” is the common sentence all of us hear at home. When a girl kills a boy its a unusual, but boy raping girl is common. So, a guy can do certain things and can be accepted by the society because of his gender. Every moment a girl faces discrimination. First preference to men has been strongly pasted in the mind. In recent days, I can find few positive changes in English language like Man has become human, mankind as humankind, fisher man to fisher etc... Small changes but great satisfaction when you are addressed as Human than man. Sometimes its women who ignore their rights. For example, we do not ask the conductor for ladies seat, not making the use of separate line etc... When certain privileges are granted please use them though you do not want. Because not making use may abolish the reservation. A small concern to prevent the danger.

A shame to humanity-Pankti Bhojana

Its atypical to pay heed to the conviction of God making distinction between individuals on the foundation of color. Since childhood the idea of the making of four Varnas (color) and privileges of occupation as stated by the conception is infused into mind. Purported the blessed principles of religion which are very "Sacred" and not flawed by anybody have chosen the destiny of many . One can adulate the Lord Krishna "Shyamala Varna Sundara" (The dark wonderful man) however can't acknowledge his kindred creatures of his shade. Just may have perceived a story of lower caste servant breast feeding Lord Krishna and Lord calling her mother. The battle of Dalits to increase square with economic wellbeing has been brought about the reservation in every field. Nobody challenges to assault on this since it is secured by the law. In any case on the groundwork of religion, Dalits are bothered in every venture of social life. Pankti Bhojana is the best case for this which is been polished in the temples of South Canara. The area of astute subjects! Treating veggie lovers and non vegans with equivalent admiration is still not acknowledged. Around the upper castes of India, there is a solid taboo on "Non veg". Its miserable to observe the proclamations of few noticeable religion pioneers about giving Deeksha to lower standing on the off chance that they leave non vegetarianism. What one consumes is more vital than his presence. A huge swarm sitting on the other corner of temple waiting for the lunch and a small crowd of Brahmins enjoying food, a normal picture of each temple in South Canara at twelve. The co operations and associations for the welfare of Dalits challenge against any discrimination in academic and employment sectors, but no exertion has occurred to stop the partitioned feasting. You won't discover separate philanthropy box for Dalits and upper castes in any temple! The educated youth feel inferior when they face such separation. Requirement of solid law will annihilate such heartless practices. More than the law its humankind and qualities which can bring correspondence without any outer impact.

Cant forget her!

Soujanya murder case needs no introduction. The maximum publicity gained case in 2013-14 . No doubt! This is the first rape and murder case making the localities to worry about the security of their ladies. If any outsider who is unaware of this case or with half information this article can help him. Soujanya, a innocent girl from a lower middle class family of Belthangadi. A pu girl having colourful dreams of teenage never predicted that her life will end up with a disaster. October 9, 2012 turned a deadly day to her.
 I must say a black day for South Canara. A dead body of Soujanya was found in the forest near by her home. Though we heard many rape cases in the past year, localities were shocked to know a murder of a minor. Because its South Canara which is known as the district of literates, intellectuals and well mannered citizens. Within few days, a mentally ill person Mr Santhosh was accused and arrested for this murder. The names of prominent personalities were heard from the beginning of the case. But who dares to speak? The uncensored photos of the victim were making the people to agitate for justice.

The politicians, few news channels and newspapers stood to support the suspicious personalities than raising voice for Soujanya. To handover a case to the CBI, the time taken by the state Government was one year. There were many efforts to destroy the evidence. The Facebook page Justice For Kumari Soujanya has earned great support from the localities.  The present and past Government have similar stand on this case. In the beginning month, a special team of CBI has arrived to Belthangadi to investigate. Justice to Soujanya is the justice to every girl of this region. The support shown by the public to every protest in the name of Soujanya was stupendous. Its well said, “Working hands are better than praying lips”, Can we lend our hands to work for those women who are deprived of justice?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Nothing is mandatory

A democratic country and fastest growing economy, India has been influenced by the capitalist thoughts of United States and England. The money over rules the human values at the work place. So, as the result employees are treated as machines than human beings. In India, there was no strict law enacted for the welfare of labourers. But now labour law has been implemented by the labour corporation and supported by International Labour Organization. According to the law, an employee has these minimum rights, • Paid time off work • The minimum you can get paid • Public holidays • Sick leave • Bereavement leave • Giving you the right to refuse to do work that would harm the labourer • Making sure that all labourers are safe at the work and not discriminated An Employer must follow the following rules which are mandatory • Pay the workers at least the minimum wage during the time of crisis • Providing annual leave • Compensate the worker if he is obliged to work on public holidays • Providing written employment agreement • Providing safe working place • Not deducting money from the wages without the worker’s consent • Providing medical leave Labour law has special concern towards pregnant and lactating mothers. 6 months holiday must be given to the pregnant workers who are under public service. The private companies should give 4 months delivery leave without any external pressure. The women who work in hard labour sector must be given sufficient leisure time to breast feed their babies. The insurance is compulsory to every worker. Those who work in construction sector also not excluded by this. The hiring company should tie up with insurance company for this facility. But how many companies do this with the true concern? Name sake efforts are taken for the welfare of labourers. Transporting workers in open vehicles like animals is against cyber law. But in Mangalore, still brokers take them in open trucks. They do not have time to rest, no education to children, and no payment during the days of illness. Labour law of India is the another failed act which is strong in words but week in implementation.


Friday, April 25, 2014

When honor is more than life!

Honour killing a inhume action against womanhood. For Indians its not strange. Since a decade number of cases came into limelight though thousand went unnoticed. The traditional hold  of caste system have been a curse to the women empowerment. The recent high profile honour killing case of Arushi Talwar removed the taboo that illiteracy is the reason for the existence of honour killing. According to the statistics of United Nations one in five cases of honour killing is from India.But South India, especially the Karnataka was comparatively better in enacting various measures for the safety of women. Today’s case of honour killing from Mandya has reminded the country about the evil. Ms Shilpa, the victimrepresents all those girls who select their spouse from other caste or religion.
Shilpa and Abhishek were loving each other from 4 years. The caste was the obstacle to their marriage. Not willing to forget the love for caste, couple tied the knot in a temple. In spite of opposition from the parents, couple started their married life in a rented house. But the blood relatives of Abhishek took Shilpa to a local fest with his permission. But they tied her to the tree and burnt her body. Shilpa breathed her last at the hospital yesterday.
Neither relatives nor Abhishek visited her. Police has arrested the Abhijit’s mother. NGOs urging the Police to take strict action on the culprits.  Can anyone predict the end of honour killing. Every individual is privileged with the right to select his or her spouse and marry.  Why such rights are granted when Government is making no efforts to the strict enforcement of law?